State vs. Hauptmann: The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping and Murder Trial Transcripts

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It was called the “Crime of the Century” during the six-week trial in 1935.
Bruno Richard Hauptmann was tried and convicted of the murder of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., the twenty-month-old son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh.
Here for the first time the complete trial transcript is made available in a well-formatted eBook.
Chapters are formatted by date then by witness for easy navigation by researchers.
This eBook was transcribed from the published version of the trial transcripts; only the unpublished version contains the jury selection. This transcript does not contain the first day of jury selection but the names of jurors selected are listed. With that exception, this transcript is complete and unabridged, it is the entire trial.

Charles A. Lindbergh testified on January 3, 1935.


Click here to read all of Charles Lindbergh's testimony.

Bruno Richard Hauptmann was on the witness stand for five days.


Click here to read his first day of testimony.

The signature the kidnapper used to sign the ransom notes.


Click here to see the ransom notes.

Click here to see the comparison writings used to compare Hauptmann's known writing to the ransom notes' writing.

Isidor Fisch in 1934.

Click here to see a sample of Isidor Fisch's handwriting.

Governor Harold Hoffman

Click here to see the letter written to Governor Hoffman by Bruno Hauptmann.

Click here to see the gold certificates passed by and found on Bruno Hauptmann.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr.

Click here to see evidence relating directly to the baby.

The closet in Bruno Hauptmann's apartment with Dr. Condon's address and phone number written on it.

Click here to read part of Bruno Hauptmann's January 28, 1935 trial testimony about the broom closet writing.

Rail 16, the ladder rail alleged to have come from a board in Bruno Hauptmann's attic.

Click here to read all of Officer Anselm Cramer's testimony on January 23, 1935 about Rail 16.

Click here to see Rail 16 photographic evidence presented to the jury.

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