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Ransom note 9 front

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Did you cause that ad to be inserted, “I accept. Money is ready.” on the Saturday in question, April 2nd?

A. I did.

Q. “I accept. Money is ready. Jafsie.” April 2nd, 1932.

Now, that Saturday, April 2nd, 1932, with reference to when the money was brought to your house, what have you to say as to that date?

A. I had nothing to do with that, sir.

Q. I know. But what day was the money brought to your house?

A. On April 2nd, in the afternoon.

Q. I see. That was the same day that ad appeared in the paper, about the money being ready?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And is that the Saturday referred to in the note just read, about being ready on Saturday to deliver the money?

A. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Q. Now then on Saturday, in accordance with instructions, you say the money was ready at your home?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And who was in your home?

A. Colonel Lindbergh, Colonel Breckinridge, Alfred J. Reich, Mrs. Condon, of course, and my children.

Q. Some time during that day, on Saturday, did you receive a note which was delivered to your home, and if you did, is this the note (showing the witness Exhibit S-38 for identification, the envelope not being marked?)

A. This was delivered by some person at my home, not through the mail. Yes, sir.

Q. On what day of the week and month and year was that note delivered?

A. It was on Saturday. I was following the instructions—

Q. Saturday what?

A. —in the former letter. April 2, 1932.

Mr. Wilentz: I offer—

Mr. Large: Isn’t that in evidence?

Mr. Wilentz: There are two marks on it, one 28 and one 38. I take it that the 38 must be in evidence. Will you give it a number in evidence?

The Reporter: It will be S-66 in evidence.

(The note was received in evidence and marked State Exhibit S-66.)

Mr. Wilentz: That is the note; the envelope, I take it, will be S-67.

The Reporter: Yes, sir.

(The envelope referred to was received in evidence and marked State Exhibit S-67.)

Q. The note just referred to, S-66, was delivered to your home, you say?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you know who delivered it?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Now, this is the last note at your home on April 2nd?

A. April 2nd.

Q. 1932?

A. Yes, sir; the last note; yes, sir, I know who delivered it.

Q. By messenger, you mean?

A. Messenger, that is what I mean; yes, sir.

Mr. Wilentz: I see. (Reading note to jury):

“Dear Sir:

“Take a car and follow Tremont Avenue to the east until you reach the number 3225 East Tremont Avenue. It is a nursery, Bergen Greenhouses, Florists. There is a table standing outside, right on the door, you find a letter. Underneath “u-n-d-e-r n-e-a-d” you will find a letter underneath the table covered with a stone. Read and follow instructions.”

“Then the three holes and the circles and the red dot.”

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