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Ransom note 8 front

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Q. Now having received that note did you then receive another note?

A. I did.

Q. Or letter. Will you take a look at this, dated April 1st, and tell us whether that envelope together with this note was received by you some time around the first of April?

A. (The witness examines the papers at length.) Pardon my delay. I want to be sure about this.

Q. That is all right, Doctor. You take your time.

A. Yes, sir, I received that letter and envelope.

Mr. Wilentz: I offer the letter and the envelope.

Mr. Reilly: All right.

The Court: If there is no objection it will be admitted.

The Reporter: The envelope is S-64 and the letter is S-65 in evidence.

(The envelope and letter of April 1st, are received and marked in evidence State Exhibits S-64 and S-65.)

Mr. Wilentz: Envelope post-dated or dated April 1st. From Fordham Station, New York, 9:30 a. m., the letter reading as follows, S-65:

“Dear Sir: Have the money ready by Saturday evening. We will inform you where and how to deliver it. Have the money in one bundle. We want you to put it in on a certain place. There is no fear that somebody else will take it. We watch everything closely. Please let us know if you are agreed and ready for action by Saturday evening. If yes, put in the paper ‘Yes, everything O. K.’ it is very simble” (s-i-m-b-l-e) “delivery but we find out very soon if there is any trap. After eight houers you get the adr. from the boy”—I suppose adr. is an abbreviation for address.

Mr. Fisher: I object to the comment. It speaks for itself.

The Court: Well, let the Attorney General read it.

Mr. Wilentz: Yes, sir.

The Court: Read the fact.

Mr. Wilentz: “After eight houers” (h-o-u-e-r-s) “you get the adr. from the boy on the place. You find two ladies. They are innocence. If it is too late to put it in the New York American for Saturday morning, put it in the New York Journal.”

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