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Ransom note 5 back

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“Now we will send you the sleeping suit from the baby, besides it means three dollars extra expenses (extra, e-x-t-r-e) because we have to pay another one. Please tell Mrs. Lindbergh not (n-o-t-e) to worry, the baby is well. We only have to give him more food as the diet says. You are willing to pay the 70,000 $ not (n-o-t-e) 50,000 $ without seeing the baby first or not (n-o-t-e). Let us know about that in the New York American. We can’t do it otherwise because we don’t like to give up our (o-u-e-r) safety place (s-a-f-t-y) place, (p-l-a-s-e) or to move the baby. If you are willing to accept this deal then put in the paper ‘I accept. Money is redy.’ (Underlined.) Our program is after eight hours we have the money received we will notify you where to find the baby. If there is any trap you will be responsible what will follow.”

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