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Sharon Tate home crime scene

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Stephen Parent1 GRAPHIC.jpg

Stephen Parent was found dead just outside the Tate home in his father's white 1965 Rambler Ambassador.

Tate Home1.jpg

Tate living room.

Sharon Tate1 GRAPHIC.jpg

Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring found in the living room with a rope tied to their necks and draped over a ceiling beam.

Jay Sebring2 GRAPHIC.jpg

Jay Sebring on living room floor.

Sharon Tate2 GRAPHIC.jpg

Sharon Tate with the rope around her neck.

Jay Sebring1 GRAPHIC.jpg

Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate were each found with a rope around their necks.

Rope from rafter GRAPHIC.jpg

Rope hanging from the rafter.

Wojetk Frykowski1 GRAPHIC.jpg

Wojetk Frykowski was found dead just outside the front door of the Tate Home.

Abigail Folger1 GRAPHIC.jpg

Abigail Folger.

Abigail Folger2 GRAPHIC.jpg

Abigail Folger.

Abigail Folger4 GRAPHIC.jpg

Abigail Folger. Autopsy photo.

Abigail Folger3 GRAPHIC.jpg

Abigail Folger. Autopsy photo.

Wojetk Frykowski2 GRAPHIC.jpg

Wojetk Frykowski. Autopsy photo.

Susan Atkins' footprint.jpg

Susan Atkin's bloody footprint.

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