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Ransom note 5 front

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Mr. Wilentz: Will the stenographer read the last question, please?

(The reporter repeated the last questions and answers: “Q. Who was there when it arrived? A. That I couldn’t say, I don’t know. “Q. Do you remember whether Colonel Breckinridge was there? A. Col. Breckinridge was one at the house, but I do not know the other people.”)

Q. Who opened the envelope marked in evidence as S-53 and took from it the sleeping suit?

A. May I see that?

Q. Yes, the brown envelope.

A. Is this S-53?

Q. Yes.

A. That came by mail, I opened it in my parlor.

Q. Who was present when you opened it?

A. Colonel Lindbergh.

Q. Anybody else?

A. Colonel Breckinridge. Those are all that I remember.

Mr. Wilentz: Now, may I read the letter, which is in evidence, which we haven’t read yet? It is the only one we have omitted so far. It is S-52.

“Dear Sir: Our man—O-u-e-r—failed to collect the money—m-o-n-y—. There are no more conference after the meeting from March 12th. Those arrangements too hazardous for us. We will not—n-o-t-e—allow our—o-u-e-r—man to confer that way like before.”

“Circumstance will not (note) allow us to make a transfer like you wish. It is impossibly for us. Why should we move the baby and face danger to take another person to the place is entirely out of question. It seems you are afraid if we are the right (rights) party and if the boy is all right. Well you have our singnature (s-i-n-g-n-at-u-r-e) it is always the same as the first one, specially the three holes. (The other side.)”

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