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Ransom note 1 front

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By Mr. Wilentz:

Q. Will you take a look at that envelope, please, Colonel Lindbergh, and this note and see if that isn’t the note which you received second?

A. This is the envelope which contained the second note and this is the second note contained in the envelope. There are some initials on there that have been put on since.

Mr. Wilentz: All right, I will describe them. I will offer them in evidence.

I am going to ask the Court, please, if you don’t mind—I don’t want to be offensive either to the Court or counsel or the press, but I would appreciate it, even though this is the last minute of this testimony, if the people in the room would remain here until we get through, so there won’t be this apparent confusion that we are meeting with back there.

The Court: Yes, that is an entirely proper request. It won’t be long now before we take an adjournment and there is no reason in the wide world why everybody who is in the courtroom now should not remain here until the Court has adjourned. The people will observe that order and keep quiet so we can all hear.

(The envelope referred to above was received in evidence and marked State Exhibit S-19.)

(The note referred to was received in evidence and marked State’s Exhibit S-20.)

Mr. Wilentz: Exhibit S-19 then is an envelope addressed to Mr. Colonel Lindbergh, Hopewell, New Jersey, and note No.2—we will refer to this as Exhibit S-20—

The Court: That has been offered in evidence.

Mr. Wilentz: And marked.

The Court: No objection. It will he admitted.

Mr. Wilentz: Exhibit S-20 reads:

“Dear Sir: We have warned you note,”—n-o-t-e—“to make anyding,”—a-n-y-d-i-n-g—“public or notify the police. Now you have to take the consequences. This means we will hold the baby until everything is quiet. We can note, n-o-t-e—make any appointment just now. We know very well what it means to us. It is really necessary to make a world affair out of this or to get your baby back as soon as possible. To settle this affair in a quiet way will better for both. Don’t be afraid about the baby. The lady taking care of it day and night. He also will feed him according to the diet. Singture on all letters with an arrow pointing to the circles and the red dot and the holes.

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