Ransom note 1 back

We are interested to send him back in gut”—g-u-t—“Ouer”—o-u-e-r—“ransome was made up for 50,000”—with the dollar mark afterwards—

“But now we have to take another person to it and probable have to keep the baby for a longer time as we expected.”

I want you to watch that point.

“So the amount will be 70,000”—with a dollar mark after it—“20,000 in 50$ bills, 25,000 in 20$ bills, 15,000 in 10$ bills, and 10,000$ in 5$ bills. Don’t mark any bills or take them from one serial number. We will inform you later were”—w-e-r-e—“to deliver the money.” They—h-t-e—the money—m-o-n-y—“But we will note”—n-o-t-e—“do so until the police is out of this case and the pappers—” p-a-pp-e-r-s—“are quiet. The kidnapping was prepared for weeks so we are prepared for everything.”

Mr. Wilentz: May we then at this time adjourn until tomorrow morning?

The Court: The Court will take a recess, but I will ask everybody to remain quiet, standing or sitting where they are until the jury has retired. The jury may now retire. Has the jury retired?

Court Crier Hann: The jury has gone out

The Court: The prisoner is remanded in the custody of the Sheriff. He may retire.

(Whereupon at 4:13 p. m., the Court adjourned until tomorrow morning, January 4th, 1935, at 10:00 a. m.)

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