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Directions found by Dr. Condon at the frankfurter stand

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Mr. Wilentz: “Cross the street and follow the fence from the cemetery. Direction to 233rd Street. I will meet you.”

By Mr. Wilentz:

Q. Now, having received this, referring to S-51, and the envelope which is also in evidence, did you cross the street?

A. Not yet.

Q. What did you do then?

A. I took it under one of the are lights and read that aloud, thinking since I didn’t see anybody I might attack the—

Mr. Fisher: I object to “what I think,” of course.

The Witness: Beg pardon?

Mr. Wilentz: Counsel wanted him to go through his answers. Just a minute, Doctor.

Mr. Fisher: I don’t want his thoughts here, your Honor.

The Court: Perhaps you had better be confined to what he did.

Mr. Wilentz: Yes. Just a minute, Doctor.

Your Honor will recall a while ago that when the witness started to give his thoughts and impressions—

The Court: I do recall.

Mr. Wilentz: —I tried to stop him. My adversary wanted the full answer; which am I to do? Am I to regulate it according to the rules?

Mr. Fisher: I assume you are to follow the Court at my suggestion.

The Court: We will get along the best we can, Mr. Attorney General.

It is true that your adversary did complain that you weren’t allowing the witness to answer the question. Now you are doing that and now he complains that there is something or other illegal being said, and that we want to try to stop, if we can.

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