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Titanic Disaster Hearings 

and U.S. Senate Report

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The complete transcript of the United States Senate Hearings into the sinking of the RMS Titanic held just weeks after the Titanic disaster. Including the U.S. Senate final report; Titanic Disaster Report of the Committee on Commerce. With the names of all passengers, crew and their fate.

Titanic Loss of 1,595 Lives
J. Bruce Ismay at the senate enquiry

J. Bruce Ismay Managing Director of the White Star Line at the senate enquiry held from April 12 to May 25, 1912

Click here to read the first day J. Bruce Ismay's testimony.

Augustus Henry Weikman a barber on the RMS Titanic

APRIL 24, 1912

Affidavit made by A. H. Weikman, who was a barber on the Titanic.

While on the chairs I heard terrible groans and cries coming from people in the water. Was it possible to help them? No; it was not. The lifeboats were too far away. Do you think if the lifeboats were nearer they could render any assistance? Yes; had the lifeboats remained close to the Titanic they could have take 10 to 15 or maybe 20 more passengers to each boat.

Click here to read Mr. Augustus Henry Weikman's affidavit.

Daniel Buckley testifies at the U.S. Senate Inquiry.

Daniel Buckley testified at the U.S. Senate Inquiry on Friday, May 3, 1912.

Click here to read his testimony.

Carpathia, Marconi telegraphist Harold Thomas Cottam

Carpathia, Marconi telegraphist Harold Thomas Cottam gives testimony.

Click here to read Harold Thomas Cottam's testimony

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