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Note picked up by Dr. Condon at the Bergen Greenhouse

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Q. And where did you go then?

A. The Colonel took the box of money and we went across, it is called Pelham Driveway there, to Westchester Square. There is then a square which compels us to take the southerly route because you cannot go through a one way place there. And going around the southerly way we took an easterly direction—I am familiar with all those places—and we came to Bergen’s Flower Store. Shall I go on?

Q. Yes, go right on.

A. There was a table out in front of the store. The place was closed up, and under that table was a stone, and under the stone a note which I picked up. I got out of the car—

Q. Pardon me just a minute. Will you take a look and see if this is the note you picked up from under that stone in front of the Bergen greenhouse?

A. That is the note that I received.

Q. Was it in an envelope?

A. It was.

Q. The note referred to is S-39 for identification. I offer them both in evidence. Please mark them.

The Court: If there is no objection they will be received.

(The note referred to was received in evidence and marked Exhibit S-68, the envelope S-69.)

The Court: Mr. Attorney General, it is out our usual recess time. Are you ready to adjourn?

Mr. Wilentz: I suggest, if your Honor please, that I just read this short note.

The Court: Very well.

Mr. Wilentz: “Cross the street and walk to the next corner and follow Whittemore Avenue to the south. Take the money with you. Come alone and walk. I will meet you.”

Circles, red dot, three holes.

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